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Post  So hopeful on Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:17 pm

While I was shocked and outraged about everyone's story on here, you haven't heard ANYthing of mine yet and it is one of the worst.
My case so clearly reveals his unjust behavior, it's as stark as day and night. I can't go to the press or file a complaint with the CJC for fear he'll cause me even more harm...but I will, depending on his next ruling.

If we can't trust a judge to preserve the innocent, life feels unlivable. He either can't SEE right from wrong, or he CAN see it yet perversly wants to encourage the wrong to keep doing more damage...how many suicides will it take before someone looks into this judge?????

Somebody please wake up Deval Patrick, and tell him about the destruction Ryley caused... and continues to cause .... us here on Cape Cod.

Be our voice, since we can't have one while we are still under his rule.

Ryley is unable to see justice served, and he keeps on getting worse as time goes by.

Please investigate his cases. We can't complain because we are not in a position to do so while he rules over our cases.

So hopeful

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Post  Untouchable on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:04 pm

Judges are untouchable, as long as they follow the Code of Conduct set forth. Nowhere in the code of conduct are you able to file a complaint regarding his decisions on cases in his Court. In his Court, he is God. There is no oversight, no judicial review of his decisions and no guidelines for him to follow other than his interpretation of the laws of the Commonwealth. The only recourse one has is to appeal his judgments to the higher Courts. The logical organization to fight the injustice he serves up daily would be the ACLU of Massachusetts. There are also advocacy groups and attorneys that target judges such as Arthur Ryley. You just need to do some research on the subject of parental rights in Massachusetts.

You probably will not find lawyers on the Cape that are willing to take on a case like this against a Judge. They are too worried about the repercussions for them and their firms. Barnstable County is a VERY small and tight court. However, there is a lot of talking behind closed doors about the Judges and personnel. Remember that Judge Ryley is quickly approaching his mandatory retirement age. I don't know how the man even goes out to dinner with all the people that have ill feelings about him. He should have stuck to his private practice.

Regarding DCF, forget about making a dent in their armor. They hide behind their protection by the State and it's government. Again, the DCF is untouchable, unless something tragic happens. As we saw with the death of three children on DCF's watch, our Governor continued to protect DCF's highest miscreant, Olga Roche. They finally accepted her resignation today...three deaths too late. Cape Cod's area director, Stephen Ryan, is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with DCF. He follows in the footsteps of those above him and blindly leads the blind.

There is another thread on this site regarding some of Ryley's family connections. A lot of good information there. I'm surprised we have not heard more.


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